2016-17 Quarter Start Date


Interim – suggested (approx. 4 weeks after  Qtr begins)


Quarter End Date


Report Card – dates

August 10

Students’ First Day

September 12

(23 days)

October 14


Oct. 27 MS & HS

(7 – 8 day turn-around)

October 18

November 9

(17 days)

December 22


Jan. 20 MS & HS

(8 – 9 day turn-around)

January 9

February 9

(23 days)

March 16


March 29

(8 day turn-around)

March 20

April 27

(23 days)

May 26

Students’ Last Day


June 12 MS & HS

(9 day turn-around for MS & HS)


  • The 2016-17 School Year begins approximately 10 days earlier than 2015-16 and ends approximately 10 days earlier.

According to the REPORT CARD DATES for 2015-16 on the SDLC Site:

“Interim report dates for elementary schools are flexible – the goal is to send at a minimum interim reports approximately halfway through each grading period.  Elementary, middle and high schools may adjust the interim dates based on school need.  “Interim Report Day” appears on individual school calendars.”

“Elementary schools may send report cards home on either the secondary or elementary dates listed.  The date you and your faculty choose to use MUST be noted as “Report Card Day” on individual school calendars and parents must also be reminded of report cards days immediately prior to the dates.

“The secondary report card day takes into consideration the middle and high school report cards are electronically developed at the District level and require sufficient turn-around time to get them back to the school sites.”