Since it opened as a junior-senior high school in 1960, North Fort Myers High School athletics has developed into one of the most storied programs of Southwest Florida.  North has had many notable alums that have gone on to excel on the highest of athletic stages. In no one place could there be found the rich history of athletics, the written accomplishments of its athletes, or the championships that have been won by such an amazing school. Erik Timko, AD (2008-2011).  

North High has a tradition of athletic excellence boasting of former Red Knights who have gone on to reach the highest level of success in their sport. To be inducted into the North High Hall of Fame, tradition holds that an athlete must have participated in Athletics and graduated from North Fort Myers High School.  The individual must reach the highest level of success in their respective sport and/or won a National Championship in college. Upon being inducted, tradition holds that the individuals uniform jersey or part of the uniform attire for their sport be framed and raised in the school's cafeteria, a ceremony honoring the individual be held during their respective sport when applicable or at a home football game.  North boasts of many great athletes that have gone on to successful careers that can be found in the North Fort Myers High Record Book.

Currently, North has 17 Hall of Fame Inductees...

1974 - Johnny Long - Baseball #35 

1976 - Brad Branson - Basketball #50

1976 - Linda Brown - Golf

1982 - Joey Cross - Baseball #11

1982 - Mike Greenwell - Baseball #2

1983 - Warren Williams - Football #44

1985 - Deion Sanders - Football #10

1985 - Deion Sanders - Baseball #10

1986 - Ricky Ward - Bowler

1986 - Richard Fain - Football #84

1991 - Ramico Blackmon – 2000 & 2004 Olympic Wrestler

1993 - George McNeil - Golf    

1993 - Chad Senior – 2000 & 2004 Olympic Pentathlon

1995 - Jevon Kearse - Football #25

2000 - Jon Huber - Baseball #22

2000 - Jim Miller - Baseball #25

2007 - Noel Devine - Football #7